Troi Torain AKA Star Is Suing iHeartMedia & Revolt TV For Broadcasting The Game Threatening Him On Air

Statement from Troi Torain (STAR) regarding lawsuit

In 2006 Raashaun Casey aka Dj Envy was given a settlement from Clear Channel Broadcasting, (now iHeart Media) with regards to an on-air dispute that he and I once had. I was not a party too that settlement. Over the years Raashaun Casey has done interviews and radio segments in hostile fashion toward me and even stated “sometimes, you’ve got to sit back and plan your attack and wait in the tall grass and strike when the time is right.” I’ve moved on from this matter years ago and have since been employed by Radio One and I was recognized by News One as a top 20 greatest radio Dj of all time. For the record, I’ve only met Raashaun Casey once in my life back in 2001. It would be too easy to blame Hip-Hop when in reality; faceless corporate monsters still thrive on this vicious and vile genre. The latest threat on my life (instigated by Dj Envy) is now on the Internet with a promise to attack me physically on site.

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Troi Torain Suing iHeartMedia/Revolt TV For Broadcasting The Game Threatening Him On Air