A pharmacy in Queens was held up by three armed and masked robbers. The Glendale pharmacy workers were tied up in the suspects’ quest for drugs.

Eyewitness News obtained exclusive video of the heist that police hope will lead to their arrests.

As the young men came around the corner, they were already wearing masks and hoods; they walked in and pointed a gun right at the face of Mario Siha.

“With the gun he was pointing and said sit down here if you don’t want to get hurt,” Siha said.

Mr. Siha thinks the gunmen were just teenagers, but they knew what they were looking for. They came prepared.

“He came with a list, like a printed list like a shopping list and he said, ‘We want this medication, these drugs, and where do you keep it?'” Siha said.

First on the list, OxyContin, and you can see the young man pulling bottles and bottles of the most dangerous and addictive schedule two drugs from a safe beneath the counter.

And as much as he got there, he wasn’t done. He forced Mr. Siha to show him where other drugs were in the store.

He took anxiety drugs like Xanax and Klonopin, anything they could sell on the street.

And just as quickly as they came, the three men left, one going the wrong way at first, but turning and joining the others.

Maybe someone will recognize the clothes that three friends wear. The Hollister sweat pants, the Izod sweat pants and the Reebok hoodie. Police consider them dangerous, and so does Mr. Siha.

“You don’t know what they are going to do, and of course with the masks on you can’t see their expressions,” Siha said.