Why Don’t Black People Support Black Businesses? (Video)

Melanated (black) people have a 1.1 trillion dollar spending power but only put 2 cents of each dollar in black owned businesses. What does this mean? There isn’t enough black businesses and the ones that are available are Not Being Supported.

Why are these businesses not supported? Why are the people not allowing these businesses to grow and circulate their money within their community so that more businesses can have an opportunity to succeed?

The power is in your hands. And all you have to do is Begin to support the black businesses today. Use your spending power this Black Friday and holiday season to help out black businesses instead of the media driven businesses.

If you dont know what businesses to support, go to http://www.quirkybrownlove.com/2015/11/ultimate-black-owned-business-holiday-guide.html?m. There’s a list of 200 black businesses that you can choose from this holiday season.

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