TAMPA — Last week, a Louisiana mom gave birth to a 14-pound baby.

Something doctors say happens to every 1 out of 100,000 newborns.

Two years ago, Avery Ford came into this world weighing a whopping 14.1 pounds, making him the biggest baby ever born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

Fast forward 2 years…

“He’s still at the highest percentile but he’s averaging out,” says mother, Maxxzandra Ford.

Now Avery is taking his weight and instead growing in length, almost as tall as his 3-year-old brother.

“He’s gotten into being a bully and likes to throw his weight around,” says Ford.

As for mom, she’s had some new adjustments too.

“This is Amir,” says Ford.

Avery is a big brother himself . Baby Amir only weighed in at 7 pounds.

“Half his size,” says Ford.

Making Avery still one of the biggest babies ever born in the Bay area.