Florida Woman CRITICALLY INJURES Boyfriend After Pouring BOILING SOUP On His HEAD While He SLEPT!!

A Florida woman was arrested Tuesday after pouring boiling hot soup on her boyfriend while he slept, police said.

Misty Childs, 41, dumped soup on 45-year-old Lavont Moss’ face and upper chest in his sleep and will be charged with attempted murder, police said.

Moss is in critical condition with severe burns.

“The scalding water went into his nose, his mouth and all the way down his throat,” police spokesman Rick Shaw told ABC station WFTS-TV. “So the issue here is not just the burning of the skin but the possibility of infection and that could cause death.” The couple argued earlier in the night leading to the ugly incident but cops don’t know yet what they were arguing about, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Moss was unable to speak with investigators because of the burns.

Even though soup is an unusual weapon, Shaw said they have enough evidence for a murder charge. “A lot of people have asked, ‘Why are you charging her with attempted murder? It was only a pot of soup,'” Shaw told WFTS-TV. “Well this was a pot of boiling, steaming hot soup that can be utilized as a weapon, a deadly weapon in this case.”

Moss’ roommates, Ashleigh Ferris and Wesley Clark, told WFTS-TV they stepped outside around midnight Sunday and heard screaming coming from inside the house. “I ran inside and he said, ‘She burned me! She burned me!'” Clark told WFTS-TV. “And he ripped his tank top off. It was stuck to his back. Then he just fell over on the couch flat.”

Clark was trained as a paramedic and said Moss’ injuries were among the worst he’d ever seen.

“His skin, it just looked like someone took his shoulder blades and grabbed the skin and pulled it off,” Clark told WFTS-TV.