A Florida woman set her home on fire after she was asked to turn her TV volume down, cops said.

Judith Juste, 29, was watching TV early Monday in her Palm Beach Gardens home when a man, identified as her ex-husband by CBS12, asked her to turn the volume down.

The woman, who was intoxicated during the 3 a.m. request, refused and quickly turned violent. Juste allegedly began punching the man with a closed fist, leaving him with a bump on the back of his head, police said.

She then threatened to set the home on fire, prompting the man to leave with their two young kids.

Juste proceeded to pour lighter fluid over his clothing in the bedroom closet, setting it ablaze with a barbecue lighter.

Nobody was injured in the fire, but the home did suffer $60,000 in damages, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Juste was booked at Palm Beach Sheriff’s County office and faces arson and battery charges.