Memphis police said a Mid-South woman bit an officer, therefore exposing him to HIV.

According to the police report, two officers said they saw a 2007 Chrysler 300 with a drive out tag that expired more than two years ago. The driver, Dayton Smith, had a suspended license. She was unable to provide proof of insurance and was arrested.

While searching Smith’s car, police said they found what was later revealed to be marijuana, crack, and cocaine.

Officers said Smith started banging on the door of the squad car to tell officers she had to go to the bathroom, but the officers said she could go later. Smith got angry and tried to get away, but the officers tackled her to the ground.

While on the ground, Smith swung her keys at the officer and bit him on the arm, drawing blood.

Both the officer and Smith were taken to the hospital for injuries. While at the hospital, Smith said she is HIV positive and has AIDS.

Smith is charged with criminal exposure to HIV, aggravated assault, possession of crack, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, resisting official detention, driving on a suspended license, and driving without insurance.