The rapper Young Buck’s mother appeared in a Nashville courtroom Wednesday asking a judge to protect her from the federal prosecutor who locked up her son.

The unusual hearing pitted Audrey Horn, mother of David D. Brown (aka Young Buck), against Assistant U.S. Attorney Sunny Koshy, who prosecuted the rapper leading to his current seven-month prison term for violating probation. The hearing quickly became courthouse gossip, with several local lawyers sitting in to watch.

Horn sought an order of protection the same day her son was sentenced in his most recent case, Aug. 10. She said in court filings that Koshy “has used his power and influence to stalk and destroy my life and my family.” She said in court that she sought the court order out of anger over “set up charges.”

General Sessions Judge Allegra Walker did not issue the protective order. She said law requires a judge to find someone was in imminent danger, which she said did not exist in this case. She also noted discrepancies between Horn’s allegations and Koshy’s account, which he delivered during the court hearing.

“This petition was dismissed today in the General Sessions court,” U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee David Rivera said in a statement. “We consider this nothing more than an attempt to retaliate against a federal prosecutor who is simply trying to do his job.”