The beef between Young Thug and Game is officially back on. Thug suspected Game of sneak-dissing him on his recent Breakfast Club interview, and he has now responded to Game (and Charlamagne) on Instagram.

Last week, Game stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his upcoming album, Documentary 2. Charlamagne first stirred the pot by saying, “You haven’t had a rap beef in a minute,” and Game responded, “People don’t really wanna beef with me because…if it get real, then it’s a problem.”

Angela Yee then mentioned the short-lived spat between Game and Young Thug from May. Game had dissed Thug on Lil Wayne’s behalf, and the two rappers proceeded to go back and forth on Instagram before the conflict was mediated by JoJo Capone, a Rich Gang-affiliated Chicago rapper who heads the Global Gangsters crew.

When asked why the beef only lasted a couple of days, Game said that he had actually gone to Atlanta immediately after the beef had commenced. “You know, it gets real. I went to Atlanta. It started, and, you know, it got real.” We don’t know the extent of Game’s implications, but Capone was able to put the beef to an end before Game and Thug ever saw each other.

As you’ll see below, though, Thug is claiming that Game was the one who reached out and apologized.

Game also confirmed that the beef had started because of Wayne — “I ain’t like nobody going at Wayne. That’s my homie” — but, perhaps, Thugger was most offended when Game spoke on the eccentric fashion choices of today’s young rappers (perhaps implicating Thug).

Charlamagne asked Game if he was frustrated with young rappers’ lack of respect these days and then clarified, “Cause they’re disrespectful. And they’ll be talking crazy at you with a dress on.”

Game responded: “Sometimes I put on jeans, and…some sneakers and a crewneck, and I feel like I’m not appropriate, you know what I’m saying?…Do I need a leotard? I don’t know what it is these days, man.”

Who’s a rapper that’s been pictured in both a dress and a leotard?

Thug watched the interview today, and he wasn’t happy with either Game or Charlamagne.

“See I was minding my business trying to promote my lil’ video that I got ’bout to come out…for the song “Power.” And I go on The Breakfast Club…and see this pussy ass n*gga Game cappin’ to pussy ass Charlamagne…” The rest of Thugger’s words are difficult to understand, but he finishes the clip by saying, “Fuck you pussy boy.”

Young Thug Calls The Game Pu***, The Game Responds (Beef Back On!)