Yung Smilez- What you know about love @YungSmilez17

Yung Smilez is an Artist with a focus on creating punchy and innovative music, that is not really tied to the limitation of any specific genre or influence. For this reason, it is actually quite diverse, since he is always open to new ideas. Growing up in a  musical family, allowed Yung Smilez to experience so many different genres. His seven brothers would all sing, and he has been surrounded by great songs ever since before he was able to make his very first steps! It’s only natural that he developed a strong musical voice of his own, and his songs are very distinctive.

Yung Smilez has a soaring voice, which cuts through the mix with energy and passion. His lyrics are easy to relate to, often exploring personal themes, but in a way that they connect with the audience on a deeper level.

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